1/43 LeMans metal

Stay tuned. We are going back to a time before I was born. It’s in the mail and coming from about 20 miles away. I sold a few things on eBay and padded my PayPal balance. So I shop now and again. It’s much easier when it’s not actually coming out of the bank account.


Online safety training

90% needed to pass, so I can only miss one of the multiple choice questions. First attempt was 30%, second attempt I listed the answeres as seen here, was 70%, damn it I better get 100% this time. This is the 3rd time I have had to go through this 11 minute video. This sucks. UPDATE: got 100%. It’s tricky as not every…

I had a bad day at work. 

What you see here is a 1.25" solider joint that came apart while my workers were removing insulation in a tunnel. About 20 minuets at fire hose pressure coming out put a good amount of water in the tunnel. Then after I shut some valves off and my guys tell me it should be off, we go to lunch & come back to clean up…