Old photo for reference, my wife hadn’t ridden in about 6 years.

After dinner at home ( corned beef & cabbage of course), we went bowling and decided to take the bike for a ride since kids were gone. After the debacle of the equinox alternator shitting on the highway and getting home, I had for gotten to put the bike on the battery tender last time. So it didn’t have enough juice to fire it up through the choked carbs. My jumper cables I left at work, so I tried using the battery tender alligator clamps and those in line fuses are only 7.5 amps, so those blew. I resorted to just using my Jeep optima next to the bike and some 14awg hose wiring stripped and pressed onto the battery by my wife, as I bent the negitive wire and held the positive wire aginst the bike terminal. Fired up. Backed out, eased choke in, and I killed it. Get battery to end of driveway, repeat procedure, and then put our helmets & jackets on while it was warming up.

Head down the road from the house stop to get ice cream, I’m doubtful if there is enough charge to fire it back up. We leave and go on to make a loop back to the house that includes about 7 miles of interstate. Well the bike starts sputtering and I couldn’t switch over to reserve quick enough, or one of the vacuum hoses came off the carb as it has before.

Stopped, switched to reserve, cranked a few times, then fired up, off we go to next gas station, as we exit the State Hwy make the loop to the road we are on my light is geen, and as I am pulling through there is a car already moving from right to left in the intersection, they must have been waiting for a bit and just went through. I layed on the horn to let them know they are assholes, and another cars lights are on my left as I’m in the slow lane, I’m thinking another asshole ran the red right after the first one did.

It was a county cop, and he pulled the car over right before the gas station. Instant Justice, I wish I had a camera, it would have been great 1 minute video.

We fill up, get back on the road pass the cop and pulled over car and onto the state Hwy then interstates and home.


It was a fun time, I need another motorcycle battery, and need to keep it on the tender, which I didn’t plug back in last night.